Road Man (John Browns Body side project)

January 6, 2017 @ 9:00 pm
South Park Saloon
24 N. Main Street
CO 80420
Road Man (John Browns Body side project) @ South Park Saloon

No matter who you are, or where you are on your life journey, music always wields epiphanic power. It can mend the sick, enliven the downtrodden, and give direction to the lost. Storytelling singer-songwriter Jon Petronzio is a former child piano prodigy who has blossomed into a virtuoso musician highly regarded in the jam band scene. But seven years ago, after he established himself with an acclaimed career as a professional musician, Jon began tinkering with some musical ideas that would lead to the most transformative time of his life. The results of this profoundly life-changing time is his solo project, Road Man, which brims with an invigorating mix of funk, blues, reggae, mystical enlightenment, introspection, and environmentalism. He calls the debut album from this creative outlet, Light At The Speed Of Life.

“I describe this music as my light at the speed of life. Life is an incredible gift… we are afforded only a finite span of time to learn, grow and accomplish something meaningful,” he says. “I believe I may have found my voice and my purpose through this unfolding of this project – something that’s taken seven years to reach completion”.


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